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King’s Raid 3.85.0 MOD Inf. Skills | Stat Multiplier | Instant Win | God Mode | Weak Enemies

Kings raid mod

Download King’s Raid MOD Inf. Skills | Stat Multiplier | Instant Win | God Mode | Weak Enemies

Recruit epic characters to create your own raid gang!
Assemble your friends and millions of raiders worldwide to start your destiny.


Whats New In Latest Version

1. New Hero Update (Xerah)
2. Guideline System Added
3. New Shakmeh Chapter
 - Check out the new story in Shakmeh Chapter!
 - Defeat Shakmeh in Shakmeh Chapter and emerge victorious!
4. Event Dungeon for New Hero Release
5. New Costumes


MOD Features King’s Raid
1. MOD Menu
A beautiful in-game UI which allows you to choose your cheats on runtime.
2. God Mode
You don’t take any damage.
3. Weak Enemies
The enemies are kindly disarmed. They don’t have any resistance and cannot block your damage.
4. Enemies Low HP
You can kill them with one hit without doing high damage.


King's Raid


– Unleash Soul Weapon! Breakthrough Limits!
Soul Weapon Update Event Special Reward!
Guaranteed Soul Weapon attendance reward upon logging in!
Now’s the time to start playing King’s Raid!


– No Random Chance Hero Selection
No more Gacha! 100% Chance to recruit your favs!
Over 80 Original Heroes with dazzling visuals
Customize with New Costumes, Hairstyles and Accessories

– The Evolving King’s Raid
Dispatch Heroes to keep farming LIVE during Off-line
Raid Large-scale World bosses and Dragons for bunches of Loot
Join or create your Guild, Team up to defeat enemies and seize glory!
Claim the throne in the World Arena with Real-Time Global PVP

– Dive into Fantasy
Every Hero has a story and so do you
The King’s Raid world and Hero stories await you in the World Tree

【Official Sites】

  • Developer :     Vespa Inc.
  • Version :           3.85.0
  • Category :        Role Playing
  • Mod :                 Instan Win and More
  • Modded By :     G-Bo
  • Update :             March 28, 2020
  • Get it from :   

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