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HEX Editor 2.8.1 Premium Apk

Hex editor

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Hex Editor is Program designed for viewing and editing the binary files. App contains tools for editing, searching and comparing of the files. The macro system will help to cope with any task, the solution of which is not provided by built-in tools.

Whats News in Latest Version

-Root mode has been removed from app
-UI has been updated


Hex editor Hex editor


Main features:

• Ability to work in multiple files
• Built-in terminal emulator
• Built-in macro system
• Displaying data in hexadecimal/decimal/octal, the possibility to change the visible length of the address, as many other tweaks let you customize the viewing
• Supports of 8 encodings (ASCII, COI8-R, COI8-U, UTF-8, windows-1251, UTF-16, UTF-16LE, UTF-16BE). It’s possible to view, search, edit the string in these encodings
• Ability to create own actions and link them with macro
• The Help with a detailed description of the features


  • Developer :       First Row
  • Version :             2.8.1
  • Category :         Tools
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  • Update :             January 30, 2020
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